'Sherlock Season 4' Premiere Spoilers: Filming Starts Sooner Than Expected

'Sherlock' season 4

'Sherlock Season 4' Premiere Spoilers: Filming Starts Sooner Than Expected 

Another exciting season of BBC's adaptation of Sherlock is coming closer that initally thought. The newest season will have a Christmas episode on December 2015 and a season 4 premiere in 2016 as previously scheduled.

The London detective may be up for another action-packed season that will showcase his calm nature and brilliance in resolving extraordinary cases. According to news and reviews, fans will see a different side of Sherlock in the upcoming season.

The BBC drama is a modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective book series. The TV series is set in modern day London.

The filming delay of the newest season may be blame on the Emmy-award winning actors' busy schedule. Lots of fans are already excitd and curious to know which from the series of books' famous cases the production team will choose to air.

As per writer and director Steven Moffat, he assured that the new season of Sherlock would top the epic season 3 finale episode. He also suggested hints on the return of Moriarty's character from the grave in one form.

The much anticipated return of Sherlock is predicted to shake things up in the neighbourhood, thus representing a whole new pack of adversaries and puzzled cases that will test Sherlock Holmes' knowledge and detective skills.

Reports say that the latest season has said to reduce the cast and will concentrate more on the main characters. The management and production team also expressed their excitement about the upcoming season. and definitely think that season 4 is their best season to date.

It's also a challenged for the production team to topped  season 3.

Sherlock production team hasn't confirmed any exact date yet for its newest season. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Sherlock BBC's Christmas special planned towards the end of the year 2015. The Christmas special will be based on the mystery of "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle."

The production team is a little bit tied up as of the moment fixing the plots and the storyline as well as coordinating Cumberbatch and Freeman's schedule. The two are very in-demand right now filming several movies making it difficult for the production team to set up a date for filming.

But no need to experience panic attack as the team confirm that they are moving significantly closer to getting a date in the diary for series four.


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