‘Star Trek 3’ Release Date: Paramount Pictures And Sky Dance Production Are Doing Its Best To Plot Everything And Start Filming On Spring 2015 Or Perhaps Earlier

Star Trek 3

'Star Trek 3' Release Date: Paramount Pictures And Sky Dance Production Are Doing Its Best To Plot Everything And Start Filming On Spring 2015 Or Perhaps Earlier

Star Trek 3 is on course for its spring filming on 2015. The newest installment of the Sci-Fi film is expected to soar high on summer 2016, though there is no confirmed date has ever announced just yet.

Star Trek 3 has said to be the rebooted version among Star Trek series that is constantly on the verge of production and date of première is yet to be confirmed with the creators and directors of the newest Sci-Fi film. The filming of Star Trek 3 is already along the way making it just in time for said summer 2016.

The movie has said to have an already completed draft on hand courtesy of the writers Patrick McKay, Roberto Orci and J.D. Payne. Star Trek 3 is beginning to move on with its production to make it on their target season for 2016 as it will participate on the 2016 summer movie derby.

Roberto Orci, one of the film's writers will be taking over on directing the film as well. As for the movie plot, Star Trek 3 is going to be a part of the U.S.S Enterprise's famous five-year mission that sets ship's crew out to explore new worlds and trek across the stars and the galactic sphere. The film is looking at having the possible return to the philosophical and optimistic spirit of the classic Trek lore after the last two installments of the film. Star Trek 3 will be offering a flashy sci-fi action and entertainment to its audience.

Star Trek 3's production houses, Paramount Pictures and Sky dance Production are doing its best to plot everything and start filming on Spring 2015 or perhaps earlier. The working script is set to reunite Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy on screen but is yet to be fully finalized until William Shatner accepts the role for the movie. Though nothing's final just yet, the script is set to be revised if and when the expected and the projected did not happen. As long as the production gets filming on the target date and finish just exactly for summer 2016, everything will be just fine.

Again, nothing's exact yet about the summer 2016 premiere.

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