'Glee Season 6' Premiere Pushed Back, From Fall Of This Year 2014 To Mid Season Of 2015

Glee season 6

'Glee' Season 6 Premieres: Was Pushed Back, From Fall Of This Year 2014 To Mid Season Of 2015

Since its first episode on May 19, 2009, "Glee" rose to fame for its unique genre, musical, drama, comedy and it was based on what is happening with most of teenagers now.

Establishing a connection with the viewers, the story revolves around eight students and a professor who stood to believe in their natural talent. As a consequence, we had a chance to witness their voices being collaborated, as well as compete to other schools for a musical battle in order for themselves to take a different direction, image to the student body and another purpose for being a student.

Back in 2009 Mathew Morison who played the role as their professor; Will Schuester was the one who's assigned to lead the Glee club, a group of youth with various personalities and attitude and being their professor, mentor and father of the club, he's always ready to raise his guard for Sue Sylvester who's their number one critic and never gives up to pull the Glee Club down.

Meanwhile 'Glee' season 6, 1st episode was pushed back from its original release date (fall 2014) and Kevin Reilly was questioned about this, and he answered "The advantage of airing it later in the season is that it doesn't have to feel the pressure of delivering." And from another interview of Reilly, he revealed about what to expect for the upcoming season, gathering together the original cast of the series will hopefully hit the chart and we will experience time traveling in watching the first episode of season 6 year 2015.

Kevin Reilly didn't have any specific date on when they will show it on their channel.

Speaking of which, these upcoming episodes will be a big spin for FOX, for the reason that some of the original cast will return to give the new season a more excitement and those roles will be filled again by; Naya Rivera as Santana, Heather Morris as Brittany, Dianna Aragon as Quinn, Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina, Mark Salling as Noah Puckerman and popularly known as 'Puck', Becca Tobin as Kitty and Jayma Mays as Emma.

In revealing of cutting out two episodes from season 5, production wants to make it up to the fans using the comeback of the original casts.

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