'Arrow Season 3' Premiere Sneak Peek: Initial Premire Clip, Must Watch

Arrow Season 3
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'Arrow Season 3' Premiere Sneak Peek: Initial Premier Clip, Must Watch

There are a lot of superhero series premieres that come and go in the past weeks. It felt not the same way as for the "Arrow" Season 3 premiered as the new Oliver faced "The Calm" before a foreseeable storm.

The first clip of next week's premiere had arrived, and Olicity was well in the air amidst all vigilante heroics.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter", the initial full clip of Arrow  Season 3 premiere, it showed "The Calm" had seen heroes in a not so familiar situation, while Felicity take the helm on Oliver's latest criminal chase, although from her new retail job.

Oliver had lighten the mood with some teasers on the upcoming date, but things got a bit dark when Detective Lance could barely help in the chase of pursuit knowing his deprived health.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of success, Season 3 opens with "Arrow" currently a hero to the people of Starling. This time, crime was not feasible. People feels safer than before. Captain Lance even called off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Lying around his success, Oliver believes that he can have a life privately. He could even ask Felicity a date. However, the second Oliver gets his eyes off the ball. A villain will return in Starling, forcing Oliver to grasp that he can never be the Oliver Queen - not as long as the city needs the "Arrow".

According to E! News, the Riddick star took the recurrent role of Ra's. Ra's was the leader of the Assassin's league, also, the father of Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law). Conceited and merciless, Ra's was the cruel strategist, martial arts master, and history-shaper. You will meet Ra's in the fourth episode of Season 3 "The Magician".

Too off to hear, Arrow  fans, how great would it have been to witness Neeson? Will you feel bummed if he could not work in film? Are you excited to see Ra's the new version from Nable? This is not the first time Neeson came close to landing an iconic role. He was also on "Outlander" playing Jamie Fraser. However, that was way back the "Outlander" days, being considered as one of the huge blockbuster movie, and Neeson was in the right age for the role.

Catch the "Arrow" on CW weeknights at 8pm.

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