Charlie Daniels Plans Dylan Cover Album with "Off the Grid"

Charlie Daniels

Legendary session musician and country songwriter Charlie Daniels is planning a cover album honoring his experiences recording guitar for 60s icon Bob Dylan. Titled Off the Grid - Doin' It Dylan, Daniels' first new project since 2007 will be self-produced with the help of Casey Wood and compilation producer David Corlew. The new project is slated to hit shelves April 1, 2014.

Collaborating with Dylan during his transition to simpler country albums like Nashville Skyline, Self Portrait, and New Morning, this time around Daniels is performing the songs the way he sees fit. The result is undeniably authentic and magical.

"It was about 50 years ago when I first became aware of Bob Dylan-and no, I was not naïve enough to think I could swim in the same stream, try to emulate what he had done, or cop his licks.  Nobody could do that," notes Daniels.  "My ambitions were to provoke some thought, to color the imagery of my songs, to think outside the box of conformity-in other words to be myself."

Not to be misunderstood as a "I can do it better than Dylan album," Daniels maintains that the compilation is more of a love letter thanking him for an opportunity in that established the session guitarist as an icon of his own.

"Whatever it was Bob Dylan meant by his lyrics, they grabbed the attention of the world and changed the face of music forever," notes Charlie.  "He inspired musicians to knock down the restrictive, bubble gum, three minute a side, Tin Pan Alley world that set the parameters of popular music and turn their creative minds loose in a thousand new directions."

The Off the Grid compilation will include ten of Dylan's most beloved songs.

Tangled Up In Blue
Times They Are a Changin'
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Gotta Serve Somebody
I Shall Be Released
Country Pie
Mr. Tambourine Man
Hard Rains A Gonna Fall
Just Like A Woman
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

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