Steffany Gretzinger Revisits Classic Worship Songs As a Tribute to Her Dad

Steffany Gretzinger

Worship leader and songwriter Steffany Gretzinger returns with a very unique worship album on Nov 5. Faith of My Father finds Gretzinger re-visiting the songs she used to sing together with her dad and their family while she was growing up. Songs, such as Don Moen's "Give Thanks," Marty Nystrom's "As the Deer," Lenny LeBlanc's "There is None Like You" and Graham Kendrick's "Knowing You," that many who have grown up in the church may be familar with.  

Gretzinger recounts how the album came about. "Since my Daddy went to Glory to be with The One He loves, the worship that's welled up in my heart and soul comes out mostly in the songs I learned as a little girl. Songs we sang around the piano at home and at church in corporate worship... Songs Daddy would sing out in prayer or in deliverance sessions as we watched the bound go gloriously free. Songs that have always helped me turn my eyes upon Jesus.

I didn't write a single one of them. They're a gift from the mothers and fathers who went before us. Songs that are tried and true. Many of them straight from The Word Of God.So... this is me poking out my head and my heart for the next couple of weeks (as little and as briefly as possible) to share some of the story that led to this recording.

I look forward to sharing Faith Of My Father with you."

"As the Deer" is the first single to be released from the album. Gretzinger writes, "As The Deer is out today. Feeling a bit overwhelmed that what we've been holding in our hearts is hopefully making it's way to yours. This is the first song we chose. Whether you have been listening to this song all your life or just hearing it for the first time, I pray that as you listen your heart will long for Him all the more. Be blessed."


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