Katy Perry Battles Nuns Over the Purchase of a Convent

Katy Perry
(Photo : Katy Perry)

Pop superstar Katy Perry is currently battling some nuns in order to purchase a convent.  Apparently, the "I Kiss a Girl" singer wants to buy a Los Feliz, California, convent and a lot of the nuns are very upset. They also not pleased to have Perry, with her sexy pop-star ways, to purchase a holy property.

According to the Los Angeles Times: "Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is sparring with elderly Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over the pending sale of the nuns' former convent in Los Feliz to international superstar singer Katy Perry.... At the center of the dispute is an argument over who has the legal right to sell the spectacular villa-style hilltop spread, which covers several acres and offers million-dollar views of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains."

At issue is who has the right to sell the convent. Gomez wants to sell to Perry, and the nuns -- who believe they have the right -- are currently trying to sell to restaurateur Dana Hollister. Perry, for her part, has been trying to make a good impression on the nuns: "Perry dressed rather conservatively and, according to two of the sisters, she sang 'Oh Happy Day' for them and showed them a 'Jesus' tattoo on her wrist area," per the LA Times.


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