Interview with Ro and Mia McGhee of the TV Series “GROWING UP MCGHEE”

Growing Up McGhee

"GROWING UP MCGHEE" premieres on Wednesday, June 8 at 9pm ET. The McGhee family first captured the hearts of America after an online photo went viral and the entire family appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2011. Soon after, they received a series on OWN. Now the family returns to television in this all-new series for UP TV. Audiences will have a chance to follow this fun-loving family of eight as they embrace life and encounter new firsts - all of which come with unexpected twists and turns when you're doing them with six five-year-olds. While neither Ro nor Mia ever expected their lives to be so hectic, they wouldn't change a thing.

Ro and Mia McGhee tried for 10 years to have children, but they never imagined they would end up having sextuplets! Life was busy enough when taking care of six little ones, but now that their brood is five years old and in kindergarten, they are facing brand new challenges that are throwing them for a loop. Never before have they felt more outnumbered! Diaper changes and feeding schedules have been replaced by sassy opinions and chore charts. 

Q:  Ro and Mia, so thankful for your time.  For 10 years, I believe, you tried having children.  But you were unsuccessful and suddenly you have sextuplets!  When did you first realize you were having sextuplets?

We were married for 10 years when I gave birth to the sextuplets and had been trying for five years. I realized I was having sextuplets at about eight weeks. 

Q:  What was your reaction after hearing the news that you'll have sextuplets? 

It was devastating. I did not expect to hear that news, ever. We were so afraid because we never planned for it... so naturally it was scary!! Lol

Q:  I am sure it was both a blessing as well as a challenge to be blessed with so many children at one time.  What would you say was the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge? 

The greatest blessing is to finally have a family. The greatest challenge was going from zero kids to six in an instant.  

Q:  Let's talk about your new show GROWING UP MCGHEE, what's this series about?

"Growing Up McGhee" is about our very unique family. With having our six five-year-old kids in kindergarten, running a family business, and Rozonno answering the call to ministry, life is even more challenging. Viewers will see a Valentine's Day celebration as a family to Ro and I taking our annual "Just-the-2-of-us-getaway." With the kids, anything can and will happen, so that will be shown throughout the season.

Q:  What are some of the values or lessons you would hope this show would impress upon your viewers?

God is first, then family and then work. In that order! 

Q:  Is there an episode in the series that is your favorite? If so, which one and why?

We have not seen all of the episodes, but we enjoyed being apart of every episode. They were fun for both us and the kids. Each episode is unique and have a special message to the viewers. 

Q: Mia, being a Sunday school teacher, what role does faith play in your life and family?

My entire life is built on faith and as far as my family, it was faith that made me a mother. There was a time I did not know if I would ever achieve motherhood. Instead of doubting, I stood on God's word.  

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