INTERVIEW: Robin Mark Shares on His New Album 'Liberation Praise'

Robin Mark
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Robin Mark is a Northern Irish Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Robin has written several songs sung throughout the world. He is best known for his songs "Days of Elijah", "Revival", "All for Jesus", "The Wonder of The Cross", "Not by Might" and many more. He has published 13 albums in total with sales of over 2 million world wide and has won the GMA's international award.

We would like to thank Robin for taking the time to speak with us. 

Hallels: With so many records under your belt, did you approach the making of Liberation Praise differently?

RM: "Not really. I think the musical style changes as you proceed through your musical/ faith journey, but the motivation for me  is always the same and that is  to write songs that reflect some issue, occasion, circumstance or event that inspired me , and make those songs both an act of worship in themselves, and also songs that a congregation could use in worship."


Hallels: How would you describe your sound for people that haven't heard of you guys and what artists have influenced your sound?

RM: "Well, most people decribe it as Celtic Folk Rock, others say Celtic Gospel (whatever that means!!), I would say that the style is probably closer to the former. A fusion of Celtic music with  Folk Roots and a bit of Rock."


Hallels: Can you share with us the story behind writing a song for your son?

RM: "Actually I didn't write a song on this album for my son, My son wrote one of the songs on this album!. interestingly he wrote it the same way I do. He heard a preacher in Church one Sunday remind the congregation that Christ saved us when we were at our worst. In other words Jesus had to know the fullest depths of our wickedness and rebellion, but was still willing to die for us. There's liberation in realising that. So that when we stumble on the walk of faith and sometimes begin even to doubt our own worth to Him, we are reminded that he knows full well the depths of our sinfulness, but has already saved us from the very worst of it."


Hallels: What song would fans of your music be most surprised to hear off of the new album? 

RM: "I have a song on it called 'We're Believing' which is just about as close to 'Aw Shucks Country & Western music' as you can get. I think a few folks might find that a bit surprising!"


Hallels: What has been your most memorable country to visit and perform in around the World?

RM: "The USA of course.!! Or, I suppose, the couple of times I played in South Africa. There is something remarkable that God is doing in that beautiful land."


Hallels: If you could collaborate with one Secular Artist and one Christian Artist, who would you choose?

RM: "On the secular scene I'd either pick Foy Vance from Ireland, or Bono himself (though there's probably a long line for that experience). Christian - maybe someday the guys from Rend Collective!"


Hallels: Do you have a current scripture that has been speaking to you? If not, what are some personal favorite verses of yours?

RM: "For several months now the story of Hezekiah in 2nd Chronicles 29 has been inspiring me as it charts the story of a nation (Judah) in serious trouble, financially, socially, and in terms of their security and safety.Hezekiah comes to the throne and decides to restore Gods worship as the means to solving their problems. And it works spectacularly, ....Love it!"


Hallels: If you could each play professionally for any sports team for one day, who would you pick?

RM: "Manchester United FC"


Hallels: What are your touring plans for the rest of 2014?

RM: "I'll be all over the USA from late June til September. Check out the listings on under the DATES tab."



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