Lauren Daigle, Kari Jobe & Mia Fieldes Offer Their Voices to the Belonging Co's Debut Album

The Belonging Co

The Belonging Co is a church movement based in Nashville, TN. Pastored by Henry & Alex Seeley, the church has cultivated a strong worship community since it's inception in 2014. Their debut release "All The Earth" is a collection of worship moments from their church gatherings, and features the likes of Lauren Daigle, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Sarah Reeves, Mia Fieldes, Meredith Andrews, Hope Darst, Andrew Holt and Henry Seeley, all who are a part of the church community at The Belonging Co.

The songs on this record have been written by their team to put voice to what God is doing in the lives of their church in Nashville, many of which will no doubt quickly find a home in worship lists across the country.

"All The Earth" is available, on Sept 8th, 2017 on Apple Music and Spotify.


1. Zeal (feat. Henry Seeley)
2. Mountaintops (feat. Henry Seeley)
3. Fall (feat. Andrew Holt & Meredith Andrews)
4. Peace Be Still (feat. Lauren Daigle)
5. Fall Afresh (feat. Sarah Reeves)
6. Testimony (feat. Cody Carnes)
7. Stay Here (feat. Meredith Andrews)
8. Greater Than All (feat. Henry Seeley)
9. Here in Your Love (feat. Hope Darst)
10. Beautiful Story (feat. Mia Fieldes)
11. Floodgates (feat. Andrew Holt)
12. You're Not Finished Yet
13. Surely (In This Place) [feat. Andrew Holt]
14. Hunger + Thirst (feat. Henry Seeley)
15. Closer to Your Heart (feat. Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes)
16. All the Earth (Spontaneous) [feat. Henry Seeley]
17. The Cross Has the Final Word (feat. Henry Seeley) 


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