Little Richard Has Turned Back to God & Calls Homosexuality "Unnatural"

Little Richard

In a recent rare interview on the Christian-oriented Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Little Richard has confessed that he has turned over his life to God and he's no longer gay. Now, he calls same-sex relationships "unnatural".

In the past, Little Richard identified himself as gay, telling Penthouse in 1995: "I've been gay all my life and I know God is a God of love, not of hate." In 2012, he told GQ: "We are all both male and female. Sex to me is like a smorgasbord. Whatever I feel like, I go for. What kind of sexual am I? I am omnisexual!"

However, Little Richard has recently reaffirmed his Christian that has followed him for most of his life. He said: "Anybody come in show business, they're going to say you're gay."

"Are you straight? Are you a homosexual something? They're going to say it. But God, Jesus, he made men, men, he made women, women, you know? And you've got to live the way God wants you to live."

"So much unnatural affection," he added.

"So much of people just doing everything and don't think about God."

Little Richard stated that as a child, he only played with girls and felt feminine, which was the source of jokes and homophobic ridicule at his expense. Caught wearing his mother's makeup and wardrobe at times, he was brutally punished by his father. He began having sexual encounters with boys by his teen years and also occasionally had sex with older women.

Because of his effeminate mannerisms, his father kicked him out of their family home at 15. As Richard later explained in 2010, "my daddy put me out of the house. He said he wanted seven boys, and I had spoiled it, because I was gay."

He first became involved in voyeurism in his early twenties, when a female friend would drive him around and pick up men who would allow him to watch them have sex in the backseat of cars. He was once arrested after a gas station attendant in Macon reported sexual activity in a car occupied by Little Richard and a couple. Cited on a sexual misconduct charge, he spent three days in jail and was temporarily banned from performing in Macon, Georgia. 


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