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Israel Houghton

Emerging victorious after one of the most spiritually and emotionally challenging seasons of his life and career, six time GRAMMY Award winner Israel Houghton launches his third decade as a recording artist with The Road To Demaskus, a profound release that speaks to his heightened intimacy with The Lord, and the beauty of transparency in worship that has resulted from God walking with Houghton during - and out of - his darkest times, personally. The album releases on September 28 via RCA Inspiration.

Houghton believes now is the time to take the mask off. He also hopes others learn how to receive God's love and for the church to be a place where the broken can bring their guilt and shame.The Road To Demaskus deals with the different masks that we find ourselves wearing in life. Whether we are masking our emotions, or masking our authentic selves. Houghton is passionate about reminding people that God's love for us is not contingent upon who we are pretending to be, but rather, is present and available for us, exactly as we are.

The Road to Demaskus features Houghton's compelling cover of Cory Asbury's modern anthem, "Reckless Love," as well as guest appearances by The Walls Group ("True") Travis Greene ("Promise Keeper"), and his wife, Adrienne Houghton ("Secrets")


  1. Secrets (featuring Adrienne Houghton)
  2. True (featuring the Walls Group)
  3. Easy for You
  4. All Together
  5. Promise Keeper (featuring Travis Greene)
  6. Reckless Love
  7. Free Indeed
  8. Winning Side (featuring Chevelle Franklyn)
  9. Love Never Fails
  10. I'm with You/Be Still (featuring Adrienne Houghton)
  11. Feels Like Home


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