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Black River Christian artist Josh Wilson released his current single, "OK," and has already broken into the Top 40 in its second week at radio. "OK" can be heard on such stations as The Joy FM Tampa (WCIE), WVFJ Atlanta, KWND Springfield, WDJC Birmingham, WBDX Chattanooga and many more. This song's deeply personal message was inspired by a season of doubt and anxiety and recently became a fresh reminder for this singer/songwriter.

"This song is all about bringing our brokenness to Jesus and letting him heal us," shares Josh Wilson about the new single. "The message came from a pretty dark season of doubt, depression, and anxiety. I'm so thankful that the last few months have been much better in terms of mental and physical health. Even though I've been in a better place recently, I've continued to sing 'OK' at every concert, because my guess is that someone each night is in a place where they need to hear the words, 'it's okay not to be okay.'

"Recently at a show in Sacramento, the person that needed to hear it was me. Earlier that day, shortly after I arrived in California, our rental car was broken into and my backpack was stolen. I do have insurance, and most of what was taken can be replaced, but there were a few sentimental things that are gone forever, like my journal and cards Becca gave me for our 10-year-anniversary. Before I jumped back into piecing things back together, I took time to thank God for loving me and for being the one who holds everything together, even when I can't (Colossians 1).

Last week, I was living out the words to my own song again."Bring your broken heart, your secrets and your scars⠀

You were never meant to carry all this weight⠀
Let your walls come down, and let the tears fall out⠀
And know that Jesus love you just the same⠀
It's okay, not to be okay - 
lyrics from "OK"

Wilson will be sharing this song live, as well as so many more of his other hits and songs from his most recent EP, Don't Look Back, while on tour this fall. Fans can catch him on his unique solo looping concert experience nights as well as The Roadshow Futures TourClick here for his touring schedule. 

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