Life.Church Worship On Creating Songs that Capture the Heart of the Church & Resonating with People Outside worship

Life.Church Worship has just released their new live album, God So Good. With 11 uplifting songs, this album includes songs like "God So Good", "I Won't Move," and radio single, "Where the Spirit of the Lord Is." The album was recorded at the Life.Church Edmond location and features worship pastors from various Life.Church locations across the country. 

Life.Church Worship is a ministry of Life.Church, a multi-site church meeting at 33 physical locations in 10 states and globally at Church Online. An extension of the church's mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ, Life.Church Worship is passionate about creating music that encourages listeners to pursue a relationship with Jesus. To learn more about Life.Church Worship, visit 

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Life.Church is one of America's biggest churches. And recently SWITCH from your church had a #1 record.  How does all of this make you feel?

Thank you so much! Yes, it's been a whirlwind this year! First, our Switch EP "Symphony" dropped in February, and now our Life.Church Worship album "God So Good" is available. It's humbling to be a part of all this. We continue to be amazed at what God is doing through these songs, both in the hearts of the people at our church and in the lives of those who make up the global Church. It's really incredible!

Q:  Do all of these blessings put pressure on you while making this new record?

I wouldn't say it puts pressure on us. It's more so that we feel the weight and urgency to reach more people with the hope and love of Jesus. That's what drives us. As pastors, we're hearing stories from the people in our church every day, and when we sit down to write, we have specific people and their unique circumstances in mind. We're writing encouragement for them, and we're writing lyrics of truth that they can declare over their lives. For us, each song is a prayer we're putting on the lips of people, and we recognize it's no small thing. 

Q:  Who makes up Life.Church Worship now? 

Life.Church Worship is a collective of worship pastors from our different Life.Church locations. We currently have 33 locations across 10 states, and so we have the unique ability to draw from the talent and passion of several different pastors from those different locations. We love coming together to share the stories about what God is doing in and through the people of our church to write songs that resonate with the global Church and inspire people to draw closer to Jesus.

Q:  How is this new album different from your debut record "Fully Devoted"? Did you approach the making of "God is Good" any differently?

We wrote "Fully Devoted" for our church's 20th anniversary. While the songs told the story of our church, our mission, and our values, we were still developing our sound. "God So Good" is the first album where our team was really intentional to focus on our writing and collaborating more strategically so that we could create music at a higher level. Previously, I'd say we were learning to walk. Now, we've found a rhythm and developed a unique sound that captures the heart of our church and resonates with people outside the walls of our church, too.

Q:  Did this new album take you very long to write?  

We started working on songs in early 2018 and kept writing through the spring of 2019. At several points throughout those 18 months, we gathered for writing workshops to work on melodies and lyrics. There was a lot of intentional focus time and really fun collaboration to keep things fresh. Not every idea came to fruition. We probably went through 100 songs to get to the 11 we chose for the album, but we're really happy with where it landed. 

Q:  In my review of your album, I raved about "Grand Design." It's my favorite song off the record; how did the song come about?

Wow, thank you for that. This is probably one of our favorite songs on the album too. The song began with just one phrase: you make dust your grand design. That thought was so profound to us, that we wrote a song around it. The song tells the story of how God created mankind from dust-he made the ordinary into something extraordinary like only He can do. We're excited for more people to hear it, and to hear how it impacts people.

Q:  What about the song "The Artist" (another of my favorite)?  What's the story behind this song?

The imagery of this song is so special. It describes an artist who has been painting on a canvas, crafting His creation from the beginning of time. Up close, it doesn't make sense. But from further back, it does. The song culminates with the lyrics "Your blood hit the canvas with one final stroke. The cost of redemption, your life for my own." It's a powerful moment that beautifully illustrates how Jesus' sacrifice makes the painting of our lives complete.

Q: Many reading this article are church worship leaders and musicians. Where can they find the chord and lead sheets to your songs so they can sing them in their respective churches?

One of our biggest desires as a church is to give generously and to be a blessing to other houses of worship. Everything we create as a church, we give away for free on a platform we call Open Network at And we have other partner churches who give away their resources as well! If you haven't checked it out, I'd encourage you to do so. That's where you can find and download all our Life.Church Worship resources like lyrics, art, music, and support files. 

Q:  Your new album speaks of the goodness of God, can you recall a time in your life where you have felt the goodness of God?

Absolutely. I hope this doesn't sound cliche, but it's every single day. It's not necessarily a feeling that happens naturally. It's often a conscious choice I have to make to raise my awareness of His presence and goodness. Though my circumstances change, He never does. Sometimes we forget that and need a reminder. And that's what we hope people take away from this album-God is close to us, and through every season, He is good. Through the ups and downs, in the unknown, and even in our brokenness, we can declare His goodness. 


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