Paul Baloche Reflects on Being a Worship Leader for the Last 25 Years, His New Album & More

Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche's latest musical offering, Behold Him, is available now with Integrity Music (click here). Creating music for more than 25 years, Baloche's Behold Him is his 22nd career album and features numerous guest collaborations from industry friends such as Kim Walker-Smith (Jesus Culture), Kari Jobe, Matt Redman, Elevation Worship's Chris Brown and Steve Furtick, Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters), Amanda Cook, and more. Full of reverence, thankfulness, and trust in God's provision and presence, Behold Him delivers an impactful message important for all believers.

Q: Congratulations on the release of your 22nd album "Behold Him." This is quite an achievement! What would you say are some of the highlights of your lengthy career?

Serving in my local church for 25 years and being in community, inspiring ministry and songs - allowing me to record a new album every 18 to 24 months. Also, hearing testimonies of how these songs have helped others around the globe worship Jesus. Hosting Training workshops with leaders across India, Asia, and around the world. Also, leading worship at The Royal Albert Hall was a dream. God has been so kind to let me part of these things.

Q: How has worship music changed all these years?

It's style has changed along with whatever the current musical styles were. A lot of worship music sounded like James Taylor in the late 80's, U2 in the 90's, and Coldplay in the 2000's, etc. But the heart of worship is still what matters most. I see that same heart woven through the generations, even now, through various expressions and styles. It's encouraging to see.

Q: What do you think about the current state of worship music now?

There is more worship music being written and sung than ever before in the history of the church. That's a good thing. A lot of new music is being birthed from local churches, bottom up, which feels appropriate. There will always be small segments in the body of Christ that we could criticize but the good far outweighs the bad.

Q: After 22 albums, has your approach to writing worship songs changed? If so, how?

I would say that co-writing with other worship leaders has become the new normal. The best songs seem to be a result of collaboration and community. I love what happens when someone brings an inspired idea into the room and we begin to prayerfully finish that so that others can sing along. I try to 'capture inspired ideas' on my phone or in a journal - then take them with me into a co-writing session when possible.

Q: On your new album you have co-written with many notable songwriters including Matt Redman, Mitch Wong, Kim Walker-Smith, Kari Jobe and others. Why is co-writing important for you? Is there anyone else you would like to write with?

Yes, writing with others has a spiritual, exponential affect. "1+1 = 5 kind of thing" - Collaboration creates a dynamic that brings the best out of each contributor. This album allowed me to co-write with some of my favorite songwriters. I'd love to write a song with Paul McCartney.

Q: One of the highlights on the album is the single "What a Good God." What's the story behind how this song?

This song was co-written with Brenton Brown. Two years ago, he lost his home and most of his possessions in the California wildfires. Last year, him and I were together, to write for a few days. As he shared the story with me, he mentioned, that in spite of losing so much, he could really sense the presence of God throughout the process. "His presence made the difference, I've seen it every time." I responded with: "We've got to write that. We need to write that in a song." "Each time I doubt your goodness, You show me You are with us. What a Good God"

Q: My personal favorite song off the album is your duet with Kari Jobe entitled "Marvelous Things." Tell us a little about how this song came about.

This song originated with my wife Rita. She pretty much wrote most of the song on her own. She has written two or three of the best songs on my albums for the last 25 years. Jason Ingram and I put a few finishing touches on it, but I have to give Rita credit for most of that song. Kari did a beautiful job of capturing the heart of the song in her singing.

Q: Your title cut speaks about beholding Jesus. How has your view of Jesus changed or deepened after 25 years in music ministry?

Over time, I realize that Jesus is the point. He is the beginning and the end. There are many earthly things that had great importance in my life over the years. Most of those things I can live without, but loving Jesus and loving others has become my 'raison d'etre'. Walking with him 24/7, turning my heart toward Him a thousand times a day. 'Behold Him' and 'Open The Eyes of My Heart' are the same prayer - to keep my eyes fixed on Him, to be more like Him. 


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