Middle River Hymnal Hopes to Revive Hymn-Singing in Churches

Middle River Hymnal

Middle River Hymnal, an indie duo, comprises of Josh Diaz and Laura Creel. Diaz and Creel have been collaborating with each other for many years expressing their worship and ministry in their local church, City Church Fort Lauderdale. They went on to sign with Gospel Song Records in early 2021. 

Together, they have hopes of reviving the singing of hymns in the church. This week they have just released their new EP Holy Week Vol. 1, where they have put their spin on traditional hymns such as "Give Me Jesus," "How Great Thou Art," and "Were You There."  You can purchae or stream their new music HERE.

"Contemporary songs tend to hit the nail on the head, but these poems dance around it," explains Diaz. "Hymns use so many more colors to try and describe the indescribable." 

By illuminating a practice culture has largely moved away from, Middle River Hymnal hopes singing hymns will unify worshipers of all ages and backgrounds. "These hymns honor the past while bringing it into the present," notes Creel. "There's something deeply grounding about having these words, sung so long ago by so many, embedded in your heart and mind." 

Listen to "Give Me Jesus" HERE.

1. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
2. Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
3. Give Me Jesus
4. How Great Thou Art
5. Were You There 



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