Daniel Bashta Offers Us Courage for Life's Journey with Powerful New Song

Daniel Bashta

Critically acclaimed songwriter/artist/missionary Daniel Bashta, best known for writing "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)," releases his brand new single "Long Way Home." Written by Bashta, Ben Smith and Pat Barrett, the newly crafted song describes how God travels with us in this life with his grace. Though we may make mistakes and have taken the long way home, God is still with us, he is guiding us each step of the way. 

Fellow worship leader Paul Baloche has given his two thumbs up when he heard the song. Baloche writes, " Daniel! This is so outside the box. You're always brave and pushing boundaries." Meanwhile, Bashta's sister and fellow musician and singer, Harvest Grapevine (Bashta) is equally impressed, "Whether it was by accident or on purpose we all have, at one point or another, taken the long way home. My brother has a new song out today filled with real life and courage. Love you so much @danielbashta and I believe in you always."  

Listen to the song here.

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
I've got a fighting chance
And the landscape looks familiar
But I'm looking for a place I've never seen

How I've made mistakes
And I know I'm only human
No one gets is right without a wrong

I'm on my way walking in circles
A cloud by day leading me onward
Thought I heard you say
We're taking the long way home
Taking the long way

A fire at night lighting the shadows
Moving along little by little
Thought I heard you say
Were taking the Long way home
Taking the long way

I've played my hand
They say it's all a gamble
But I'd rather lose than know I never tried

Look how far we've come
Caught a vision of the future
Laughing out loud while we pray for better days

Two steps forward and one step back
It's a past regret and a second chance
Yelling at the sky while he says it's worth the wait
I know It's worth the wait

Been a long time coming... 

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