JJ Heller Has the Perfect Mother's Day Gift for All Moms

JJ Heller

Singer and songwriter JJ Heller has the perfect Mother's Day gift for all moms. On May 7th, just in time for Mother's Day, Heller is releasing I Dream Of You (Vol. 1).  The new album finds Heller going back to her original 2014 record I Dream of You and re-recording all the tracks with a lusher and more orchestrated sound. 

I Dream Of You (Vol. 1) will contains 14 songs of lullabies; songs that will bring peace and hope to the family. The new installment will feature 4 more compared to its original release. The original I Dream of You was released on April 29, 2014, through Stone Table Records, and it was produced by Ben Shive. The album charted at Billboard's  Folk/Americana Album Chart at No. 23 and it was the No. 43 most sold album in the breaking-and-entry category via the Top Heatseekers Albums.

Heller explains the story behind the project, "When we made the original I Dream of You back in 2014, we had NO IDEA how much it would connect with you. All I knew was that I had a whole lot going on in my heart being a new mom, and I found myself writing song after song expressing my love for Lucy and Nora. Those songs became my first lullaby album. It's kinda funny to think that we put the sound of crickets chirping at the very end of I Dream of You because that's also what we heard from the public when it released ... crickets. ⁣

If I'm being totally honest, I was disappointed. But it was a record that we knew we were supposed to make. Slowly over time, I Dream of You gained momentum. Moms kept telling other moms about it and before we knew it, it became my most popular album! ⁣

I've heard hundreds (if not thousands) of stories over the years from people all over the world telling me how God used these simple songs to bring peace into their homes. That's why we decided to make I Dream of You (Vol. II) in 2018. We knew families were hungry for peaceful songs, but this time you helped us (through Kickstarter) to up the production value and add orchestral arrangements and a choir and the result felt like magic.✨⁣

Then we made I Dream of You (Vol. III) - which came out earlier this year - and decided it was time to revisit the original I Dream of You and give it a makeover. We reimagined these lullabies that you and your families have already fallen in love with. We wrapped them in new orchestral arrangements and choral parts and the result is absolutely enchanting.

It was a joy to revisit the songs that started my love of lullabies. It was a gift to dress them up⁣ and make them sparkle and shine and radiate with love.⁣ I can't wait for you to hear it! "

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