TJ Dairo Expresses His Desire to Effect Change Through His Music

Tj Dairo

UK-based Nigerian Gospel artist, producer and musical director TJ Dairo has released his brand new single "Alive Forever." The track sees Tj Dairo sampling popular Nigerian worship song 'He's Alive' and adapting it into an alternative pop-rock offering, turning it into a modern contemporary record for 2021.  You can watch the video for "Alive Forever" here

Tj comes with a musical pedigree as part of the Dairo music dynasty in Nigeria, and his talents have led to him working with the likes of Blue, II Divo, Simon Webb, Steve Mac, Michelle Williams and Graham Kendrick, he is also the music director at Festival of Life in London. 

Q: TJ, thanks for doing this interview with us. Tell us where you are from. Who were some of your musical influences while you were growing up?

I am a Singer/songwriter and music producer based in the UK with Nigerian heritage. My musical influences while growing up include Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Police, Kool and the Gang, Kenny Rogers and George Benson.

Q: How did you come to know Jesus?

I was invited by a classmate  to attend a student christian fellowship meeting in secondary school and I reluctantly accepted because she was persistent. The sermon that was preached touched my heart and ignited a desire in me to experience the love and grace of God. At the end of the meeting, an opportunity was given to pray with people who wanted to accept Jesus their Lord and saviour. I stepped forward and haven't looked back since

Q: How and when did you feel the call to sing for the Lord?

The thing is I have always had music around me growing up because of my family heritage/background in the performing arts arena but I was more focused on playing musical instruments than singing. I started to sing more because I found myself in situations where no one was available to do lead on a song or the lead singer was running late and I had to fill in whilst playing the piano. In short, I made myself available to serve and that part of my musical expression developed even further.

Q: You have performed with many notable artists Blue, II Divo, Simon Webb, Steve Mac, Michelle Williams, Graham Kendrick and Paul Dairo among others. Who would you say impacted you the most?

You know it has been a privilege working with all these amazingly gifted people and I have learned a lot working with each and everyone of them. I have been fortunate to hear some of their stories and see them at work in their elements.

Q: You have a new single out. Tell us, why are you excited about "Alive Forever."

I am excited about this song because it's a record that will get you dancing as soon as you hit play. I really enjoyed the entire production cycle especially the remote collaborations with musicians from 3 countries due to Covid restrictions. The entire process took 4 weeks from writing to the completion of the music and video which I have never done before but more importantly it echoes a message of hope and a core tenet of our faith which we all need to be reminded of now more than ever. The message is that despite the global crisis and pandemic, the fact remains that through the death and resurrection of Jesus we have hope and victory.

Q: What other music do you have in store for your fans in the near future? What can we be looking forward to?

There are some collaborations in the pipeline and possibly an intimate live performance in the summer.

Q: How do you wish your music could impact the lives of your listeners?

I believe music is an effective tool that can be used to effect change and I want the message in my music to stir up faith, educate,  encourage, heal and give life to all my listeners. 







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