Cade Thompson Reveals His Desire to Tell the Gospel's "Bigger Story" in His Life & Music

Cade Thompson

Red Street Records' breakout artist Cade Thompson will be releasing his first full length album Bigger Story this Friday (September 10). Bigger Story will feature 10 tracks produced by longtime collaborators Matt Armstrong, BryanFowler, Micah Kuiper and AJ Pruis.

Recorded in the heart of Music City, Thompson sat down with some of the industry's top songwriters including award-winning artist Matthew West, as well as Krissy Nordhoff, Micah Kuiper, Ross King, Jeff Owen, Matt Armstrong, Jeff Pardo, Benji Cowart and Ethan Hulse to pen powerful and inspiring songs drawing inspiration from personalexperiences about his experience with God. 

Q: Cade, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: while you were growing up what were the types of music that influenced you? 

Thank you so much for having me today! I grew up listening to a wide variety of styles of music but the music that had the biggest impact on me at a young age was Christian music. I remember going to school or going to sports practice and my family would always have our local Christian radio station on in the car. Little did I know that in those moments I was hearing truth declared over my life, each and every single day. I really believe that is what led me to have the heart to do what I'm doing today.

Q: I believe you felt the calling to be in the music ministry at a very young age, how did that happen?

I love this question because as I look back I can see so many moments where God made it clear what the next steps were supposed to be in my life. I remember when I was in sixth grade I had a student teacher in school, who also happened to be a youth leader at my church, and she was the one to encourage me to sing on the worship team on  Wednesday nights. It was in this middle school season of my life when I fell in love with worship and eventually I fell in love with music altogether. Throughout the course of my middle school years and into my early high school years, there were several moments where God began to make it even more clear this is what he wanted me to do with my life. God began to open doors that gave me so many opportunities to grow into who I am so far today. 

Q: Did you always wanted to sing Christian songs?

Yes, honestly for as long as I can remember  I've always wanted to sing Christian songs. I feel like once I understood who Jesus was in my life then I have never been able to go back to anything else. I've seen the power of Christian music and how it has impacted my life and I want this to encourage others as well.

Q: How did you get to sign with Jay DeMarcus' Red Street Records?

Jay DeMarcus was in the car with his friend Jason Scheff from the band Chicago, and someone had given him my song Provider to listen to. At the time he was listening he said "who is this kid I gotta turn this up" and the next day I got a phone call letting me know that Jay wanted to meet with me. I was beyond excited and from the very first second that I met Jay and his team I knew there was something so special at Red Street Records. A few months later I was signed as one of their record label artists. 

Q: Talk to us about your upcoming new album. Why did you call it "Bigger Story"?

My debut album "Bigger Story" was written out of my life experiences which led to this one question. How would I explain the Gospel to someone who might not have ever heard of Jesus? Each song on this album has a truth that reminds us we are all a part of a bigger story, one that is bigger than ourselves. My hope for this album is that it inspires each listener to truly walk in a relationship with Jesus and join the story. The title of the album is also the title track, where the lyrics map out the heartbeat of the entire album as well. 

Q: I believe you co-wrote the songs with many notable songwriters, one of them being Matthew West. What was it like writing with Matthew?

I am so thankful for the team that God has surrounded me with to make music in this season. One of those people being Matthew West, it's truly an honor to have him a part of this record. I grew up listening to his music and now being able to write songs with him is the coolest thing ever. He truly helps pull out stories and collaborates to turn them into songs that won't easily be forgotten.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

I love this question! I think there are so many highlights for me on this first record. The biggest highlight is actually woven throughout the whole process of this project... I've been able to grow in so many ways, through my real-life experiences; spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.  Over the past year, we've all walked through a lot, some experiences are shared by us all and some are individual experiences. I know these songs will connect to everyone and are specific to this current time.

Q: What message do you want listeners to take away after listening to your new album?

If there is one message that each listener could take away from listening to this record it is this, as humans, at the end of the day we are not the ones writing our stories. God is, and he is the only one that can be our hero in that story. I hope that each listener is encouraged, inspired, and finds hope in the messages of each song.

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