Exclusive Song Premiere: Kingdom Heirs' "The Gospel Truth"

Kingdom Heirs

Kingdom Heirs return with their brand new album I Feel A Good Day Coming On on October 15. "Versatile" is just the right word for the project, which delivers the good news of salvation through a kaleidoscopic set of arrangements that musically underline each song's message with just the right touch.  

We are honored to be able to premiere"The Gospel Truth," a standout track from the new album. You can listen to the song HERE. "The Gospel Truth" beautifully captures the heart of the Gospel, such as what it means to be actually saved by Christ. Tenor singer Jacob Ellison reveals, "`The Gospel Truth' takes me back to the Carman song 'The Courtroom.' I took a theology class in college. The professor showed Carman's music video for this song. They are in a courtroom and there is a case being argued for good and for evil.

In the end, Jesus steps in and takes all of the charges Himself and let's the person under investigation go free. Our song 'The Gospel Truth' goes with the same story line. By choosing Christ, we avoid what would be a deserved verdict... Hell. The beauty in all of this is that Jesus chose to take our deserved penalty! This is a song about Jesus and His devoted love for us!'

The new album includes the group's 2021 hit, "Never Changing God," which offered traditional quartet-flavored reassurance during a challenging spring, alongside complementary fan-pleasing singles "God Knows How Much Mercy I Need," "Tell Me Again" and "Jesus Is Enough" - the latter of which introduced Jacob Ellison. 

"This album was such a joy to make," the newest member of the legendary group notes.  "It is very versatile and has something for everyone. At separate times we all found ourselves blessed over messages found in the songs that Jesus is enough or that God knows how much mercy we need! We have put so much heart and work into this project and hope it will bless everyone as much as it has blessed each of us!"

Pre-order, add or save I Feel A Good Day Going On HERE


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