Sarah Davis, Daughter of the Late Ravi Zacharias, Launches "Encounter Inc."

Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis, the daughter of the late Ravi Zacharias' daughter, has left Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). She has launched a new apologetics ministry called Encounter, Inc. The stated purpose of the organization is in "carrying the Gospel invitation to individuals," "engaging their questions," and "training and disciplining messengers of Christ's love for their spheres of influence." 

Zacharias' oldest daughter was the CEO of RZIM since November 2019. She was at the helm of RZIM when her father was accused of many years of committing sexual abuses. It was Davis who commissioned an independent investigation which affirmed that late apologist engaged in years of predatory behavior and sexual abuse. 

However, not everyone is happy about Davis' new venture. Ruth Malhotra, RZIM's former public relations manager, was "disappointed" in Davis' decision to launch a new ministry. "Sarah Davis continually drove key aspects of RZIM's destructive actions which enabled leaders to operate without accountability, silenced victims, maligned internal dissenters, & allowed ministry resources to be severely misused-all actions which significantly harmed many people,"

Carson Weitnauer, a former RZIM director, writes,  "I'm also disappointed that Sarah believes herself to be a credible and trusted leader of an apologetics organization. Under her leadership, RZIM mismanaged finances, concealed sexual abuse, retaliated against employees, etc., etc., etc. ... she is disqualified for this role." 

Lori Anne Thompson, who sued Zacharias in 2017 for alleging they had an online sexual relationship, was also dismayed by the news. "Breathing in new life (inhaling) is difficult to do if we have not properly processed (exhaled) the old," she tweeted. "It is simply not possible to breath well individually or institutionally when your tidal volume is full of trauma. It's a time for respiration and rest - not reproduction."





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