Kim Walker-Smith Reveals Her Prayer for Her New Record

Kim Walker-Smith

Kim Walker-Smith, who has been a part of the Jesus Culture movement since its beginning, has released her new album Revival Nights Pt. 2 (Live).  The album was recorded live from three locations earlier this year in Little Rock, Clarksville, and San Diego. In anticipation of the release, videos from the recordings have premiered all week including today with the debut of "Hurry."  

"It's out!!" Walker-Smith announces. "Revival Nights Pt. 2 is a continuation of the worship nights recorded with my friends on the road this summer. My friend  Chris McClarney joined us for this one. Hope you enjoy & the Holy Spirit uses these songs to encourage your heart!"

Walker-Smith reveals her hopes for this new record.  "My prayer is that as you listen, your heart will feel the surrounding warmth of the presence of God. I pray that your ears would be open to hearing that still small voice speaking love and hope to you. I pray that every burden you've been lugging around would be gently lifted off with the very first notes you hear.

And most of all, I pray that you encounter Jesus and you are radically and forever changed by it. I believe with all my heart that I am here to serve the body of Christ, in this moment of time and I pray that this collection of captured moments, serves your heart and steers it closer to the heart of Jesus." 

Revival Nights Pt. 2 (Live) Track Listing

1. "Hurry (Live)"
2. "Stones (Live)"
3. "It's Time To Worship (Live)" with Chris McClarney 
4. "Come Through (Live)"
5. "(Spontaneous) [Live]"
6. "Make Room (Live)"
7. "Never Gets Old (Live)"
8. "Just One Touch (Live)"
9. "Healing Oil (Live)" 

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