Yancy and Little Praise Party Return with "Out of This World"


Singer and songwriter Yancy and Little Praise Party will be releasing their new Out of This World this Friday (April 22). Each song on this 8-track album is filled with the right bite-size piece of lyric, melody and repetition. Yancy wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life.They are year round worship and singalong fun. God's love is big, outrageous and out of this world.

Yancy writes, "There are powerful truths in this collection of songs that we all need. Sure, I write songs for kids but even the adults who listen can have their faith grow in the process of singing and listening to these songs. This Friday, new music arrives. Get ready!on this 8-track album." 

These songs are exactly what young children need. Each song is filled with big truth in a fun and creative way for kids to understand the message. These songs teach them about opposites and how Jesus is the way, not being afraid, choosing joy, saying "no" to sin, answering their questions "why?" and reminding them they were made to praise God in everything.

"I'm a Mom and was definitely inspired by my sons to write these songs." Yancy shared. "I was inspired to write "Even When" after hearing a parent share about how their child wondered how to relate to God with the pain and hurt they feel. Not every song has to be happy. Yancy immediately started writing the lyrics to "Even When." We pray it uniquely helps children learn they can run to the Father with everything. 

Songs include:

  1. Out of This World 
  2. Choosing Happy
  3. Don't Monkey Around With the Devil 
  4. Even When 
  5. The Opposite Song 
  6. Thunder
  7. All the Things
  8. Coat of Many Colors


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