Aryn Michelle Welcomes the Season with "Shine a Little Light"

Aryn Michelle

Singer, worship leader, and songwriter Aryn Michelle welcomes the Christmas season with her brand new single "Shine a Little Light."

Michelle writes, "This year for the holiday season I'm bringing you a song co-written and featuring two of my taletned friends David Belt and Graham Jones. We hope this song encourages you to shine a little light whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or beyond. Big thanks to Paul Demer for adding this to his production schedule so last minute!"

Help me to shine a little light

Everything's gonna be alright

Shine a little light this year

When I'm singing peace on earth

I'm praying start within me first

I can shine a little light this year  

Michelle is a faith-based songwriter, recording artist, worship leader and mother of four from Dallas, TX. She began recording distinctly faith-based music in 2014 because she finally felt confirmed in her calling to write insightful, challenging, and thoughtful songs for the people of the church. In 2014 she was named Female Artist and Writer of the Year at Gospel Music Association's Immerse Competition.

In 2015, she released Depth, an album made up of theologically heavy questions and challenges to coax listeners to reconsider their own faith in light of biblical truth. In 2017 she released The Realest Thing, a concept album inspired by a book on Christian apologetics where each song explores a different philosophical argument for the existence of God and proofs for Jesus Christ as God's Son. In 2019 Aryn released an EP of prayer and praise songs entitled Nothing Can Take Me Away. This collection of songs aim to encourage believers during their personal times of reflection and worship.

Michelle's latest project "Pariah" (a concept album about biblical outcasts) was released in 2022 and has already won awards from The Great American Song Contest and  



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