Kathy Troccoli “The Legacy of You” Album Review

Kathy Troccoli

Prime Cuts: My Savior Singing, Let the Good Things Grow, Romancing My Soul

Overall Grade: 4/5

After 18 number-one radio hits, 19 Dove Award nominations, 2 Dove Awards, and 3 Grammy nominations, there is little left for Kathy Troccoli to prove. Therefore, instead of chasing hits or getting banner news, Troccoli makes music because she loves to. "The Legacy of You" is the icon's first album since 2015's "Better Days." The album comprises nine newly recorded tracks, songs that reflect lessons of love and faith that Troccoli has picked up over the years. Stylistically, they all fall under the big balladry format. This genre has given Troccoli some of her most enduring songs, such as "Love Has a Name," "Talk to Jesus," "Never My Love," and so forth. 

The album kicks off on a glorious start with the majestic orchestrated sounds of "My Savior Singing." Inspired by Zeph. 3:17, the song warmly reminds us that God is singing over his people and ready to offer his saving hand. Intimacy with Jesus gets a new makeover with the elegant-sounding "Romancing My Soul." With the spotlight on Troccoli's sultry alto, the acoustic guitar-led title track "The Legacy of You" is a carpe-diem-type of the song. With the most potential to be her next radio single is the ultra-catchy pop-country-esque "Let the Good Things Grow."

More ballads follow in the second half with the record. "Heaven knows" was first recorded in Troccoli's 2002 "Heart of Me." Reviving this song about the beauty of heaven where there will be no more fear or sorrow, Troccoli's matured nuances have ways of inciting emotions that few singers can. More heart-rendering moments can be found in "Finally Free." Written as a tribute to Troccoli's cousin, who died of suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic, this ballad strikes the right balance between pain and hope. However, not all the songs are equally strong. Despite having an excellent lyrical premise, "Eyes on Me" lacks a solid melodic structure. The same can be said for "Be the One." The cinematic orchestration (beautiful as it is) cannot hide the song's lack of a strong hook. 

The album's greatest strength is the maturity of the lyrics and Troccoli's seasoned vocals. These two attributes are enough to award this album with a high score. And if you like ballads - big belting ones - they are a bonus. 

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