Matthew West Releases His 6th Book, "My Story, Your Glory"

Matthew West

Today, author and multi-award-winning artist and songwriter Matthew West releases his sixth book, My Story, Your Glory (K-LOVE Books). A 30-day devotional guiding readers to discover how God's love can rewrite our stories while exploring how His glory redeems every chapter of our lives, the title comes from West's hit single and album of the same name. He offers his voice for the audiobook as well, which is also available today. Click HERE for more information. 

While writing My Story, Your Glory, West's goal was to help readers reflect on the less-than-perfect parts of their lives, pointing them to Scripture with encouragement to give God the glory in both the best and worst days. Along with sharing his own experiences, My Story, Your Glory reveals how God brings hope into all situations and that He will work all things together for the good of those who love Him.  

"There is nothing more inspiring and uplifting than witnessing stories of God at work in people's lives," West exclaims. "Our testimonies of God's faithfulness have the power to embolden each other, carry each other through hard times, and change the world. This is a devotional about your story...a guide to help you remember that your story is being written by the Master Storyteller and that you are here on this earth for a very important reason: to give God glory. Each day challenges you to consider a new truth of what God is currently doing or has done in your life, and to turn the focus of your life toward the glory of the One who loves you."

And rave reviews have already been pouring in for My Story, Your Glory. Here are a few highlights from Amazon readers: 

"I was left challenged by this devotional, and it is a great way to point to God every day. I will be reading this devotional more than once!" - GB

"Each day of the devotional has a great story and lesson on how no matter our story, God can use it for His glory. God is with us through every journey, good or bad, and will show us His plan as we go through life, if we allow Him to." - Kee

"I am so thankful for the Bible stories in the book. Every story he used in this study is relatable to me in different areas of my walk with God." - O

"This is the first devotional I have been able to follow for 30 days. It's very well written. Made for anyone at any point in their walk with God. And if you can get the audio to go along with it, I found that very helpful also. Highly recommend for anyone." - Nicole 

Leading up to today's anticipated release, West took to the K-LOVE airwaves last week as their midday guest DJ for the network. Check out a little fun behind-the-scenes footage by clicking on the photo to the right! 

He also appeared on Talk Shop Live to share more insight with fans about the book. While also sharing some music, how to get your own autographed copy, along with telling other fun stories, be sure to click on the link above to watch. With My Story Your Glory, West hopes that "You will have a journal that documents God's enduring presence in every chapter of your story - a written testimony that you can go back to again and again whenever you need encouragement. I'm excited to spend 30 days with you learning how to craft, share, and live a more meaningful and fulfilling story with the one life we get to live. It's your story for His Glory." 

For more information visit or follow him on FacebookInstagramTikTokX, and YouTube.  

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