Here Are the Lyrics to Benjamin William Hastings' "Set Me on Fire"

 Benjamin William Hastings

Benjamin William Hastings releases a new single titled "Set Me On Fire." The new song was written by Ben Tan, Benjamin Hastings, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker.

You know a North Face couldn't warm me up
Been feeling somewhat in a rut
Driving on the fuel light for a week
You're like coffee in a solo cup
The vessel isn't strong enough
That feels like it's a metaphor for me

Only thing I'm missing is some kindling and a light
Tell you I surrender but it's feeling trite
Cause I think I lost my desire

So set me on fire, set me on fire
I've been tryna part with my complacence
Think I might be getting places
Finally see the forest for the trees
So I'm cutting ties and turning pages
Not a cult but it's adjacent
Still a couple flowers in the weeds

Tryna take it easy but my ego never tires
Tryna build the kingdom but is it Yours or mine?
Tell me whose name's getting higher
When I'm writing mine on a flier

Set me on fire
Fire fall down
Fire fall down on us we pray
So set me on fire
Set me on fire
Set me on 


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