Batman vs. Superman News, Review, Reveals and Plot: Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor to be Quite an Adversary

Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Superman News, Review, Reveals and Plot: Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor to be Quite an Adversary

 Warner Bros has slated the release of the next DC comics major movie for the March 25 2016. According to the latest reports, Jesse Eisenberg has been confirmed for the role of the major villain within the film; obviously Lex Luthor. There are a number of familiar faces who will be coming back for the latest installment of the Batman vs. Superman movie including Amy Adams who played Lois Lane, the romantic interest of Clark Kent in Man of Steel. The other major introductions to the movie include Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot and Cyborg played by Ray Fisher. This is going to be an interesting installment because it pits two major heroes against each other. We do not know the full story of how their conflict will start or how it plays out but perhaps we are putting too much into the title thinking that Batman and Superman are the only players that we should consider.

 For one, we do know that from a logical point of view, the Henry Cavill of Man of Steel would defeat Ben Affleck's inexperienced Batman in a straight fight. After all, he did go against a rogue group of Kryptonians in the last installment and came out on top. But we do know that Batman is exceptionally resourceful and the conflict between them would create a capitalizing opportunity for Lex Luthor.

 As such, Jesse Eisenberg recently came out and stated that he has had a talk with the writers of the script and he says that his role should not be written off immediately. He explains "There are some indications of how the character should behave based on the script, and then an actor makes it his or her own." Apparently, he has been told to make Lex a complicated and challenging person. We will probably have the equivalent of a mad criminal genius like the Joker for the next installment at this rate. 



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