Impending Fury: Learn About This Year’s Highly Anticipated Film’s Cast, Plot, History, Review, and Release in Theaters

Fury 2014

Impending Fury: Learn About This Year's Highly Anticipated Film's Cast, Plot, History, Review, and Release in Theaters

One of Hollywood's most celebrated actor is back in the silver screen after his highly talked about marriage with no less than Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt stars in another action-packed film set in World War II as army sergeant Wardaddy, who is left with a Sherman tank and a five-man team, whom Wardaddy pledged to keep alive. The crew, clearly outnumbered and outgunned, sets off on a deadly and seemingly impossible mission of striking at the heart of Nazi Germany.

Take a glimpse of Fury 2014 movie online with the movie trailer showcasing a realistic European war setting and the untainted acting abilities of Brad Pitt who's joined by Shia LeBeouf, Logan Lerman, Scott Eastwood and more. The undisputable Fury cast, according to a movie review by the New York Times, were considerably roughed up before the filming began. Pitt, together with his principal co-stars, were pushed by the military consultants, and spent a week in a boot camp in England.

Reviews say, Fury movie is not going to be your typical war film. Find it out for yourself as Fury 2014 movie release is set on October 17, 2014. Directed by David Ayer, who was also at the helm of End of Watch and Training Day, Fury movie 2014 is also expected to land on many award-giving bodies' contender lists.

Fury 2014 movie is one of this year's highly anticipated films, which also includes the Mockingjay; Gone Girl; Love Is Strange; Men, Women and Children; The Drop and more.



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