'Arrow' Season 3 Premiere Date, Spoiler: UK Promoting The Show Just A Week Before It Airs

Arrow Season 3

Arrow's Season 3 Premiere Date, Spoiler: UK Promoting The Show Just A Week Before It Airs

If you love action superheroes and collecting comic books about them, watching "Arrow" is something you shouldn't miss on TV. It is a TV series inspired by the DC comic book about the Green Arrow. It has been on since Oct. 10, 2012 and it is now back for its 3rd season on the CW channel on Oct. 8.

Members of the cast are currently in the UK promoting the show just a week before it airs. Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) and Colton Haynes (Oliver) are the stars of the show and they have some updates about what exactly is going on with them during the set and even off the set of the series. Fans are of course dying to know if they are a couple as well when the cameras are not rolling.

For one, the plot on their romance this time is going to be intense, as Felicity still wants to be with Oliver. A romantic relationship could only happen though once Oliver decided it and that was clearly shown when Season 2 ended.

The teaser for "Arrow" Season 3 is subtly packed with romance. It is subtle because it shows Oliver and Felicity will finally go on a date and a kiss between the two will also take place. Fans call their tandem as Olicity and if you are one of them, then you are sure to be excited on what is going to happen next on their relationship. Oliver will now accept the fact that Felicity is falling for him and he also can't deny that he is starting to have some feeling for her.

Season 3 will be a lot about the two's romantic journey and at the same time, Oliver still fighting against the bad guys. More villains are about to arise and a plot twist is about to shock fans as well.

For more adventure, action, drama and romance; tune into the CW channel starting Oct. 8 because "Arrow" is back on your TV screens. If you have loved the show since it premiered, the network said that you are going to love it even more.

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