'Mass Effect 4' Update: More Revelations Before The Final Exploration In The Galaxy


"Mass Effect 4" Update: More Revelations Before The Final Exploration In The Galaxy

Fans of the third-person shooter game "Mass Effect" will have to wait for more years for the release of its fourth episode. It's been two years after the Mass Effect 3 came out, and this time gamers are really waiting when they will finally see the next installment of the game. Bioware revealed a few details during the San Diego Comic Con held last July.

On Release Date:

Bioware developer claimed during the conference that the game will have a 2007 settings and an indirect story line. There is also no certain release date for the game yet, although it is already in the making. Mike Gamble, Game Producer said, "'Mass Effect 4' release date is still years away."

"Mass Effect 4" Update:

During the San Diego Comic-Con, a half-hour panel with the theme, "Charting a Course: Developing the next Mass Effect" was created. Bioware Panelist include Mike Gamble (producer), Fabrice Condominas (producer), Carl Boulay (lead animator), and Noel Lukasewich (senior artist).

The team from Bioware shared their insights and experiences while developing "Mass Effect 4." More information was also given during the event.

"At this point we want to pull back the curtain a little bit on some work in progress stuff as we go through, to give you some more insight into it. But it is work in progress stuff. We're years away from being able to say that this is the exact game that we're making. Take this with a grain of salt. What you see here may not be the same as in the final game, but we want to show it anyway," said Gamble.

The team also confirmed that the leading character will be human. The setting will be in a different galaxy in a distant time. The panelists also revealed two of the game's protagonists wearing customizable armor designs sporting glass helmets.

If you remember Mako, a six- wheeler vehicle, you will see a revolutionized design this time. Mako is made sturdier and faster. Fans at the conference got a view of the new Mako as the panelists showed a gameplay demo.

"The Mako is going to be fundamental to the game. We're making a game about exploring places and obviously exploring places needs a really, really handy vehicle."

More of "Mass Effect 4" update will be revealed before the final exploration of the game.

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