‘True Detective’ Season 2 Cast Rumors: Returns On HBO With the Rest Of The Cast

True Detective

'True Detective' Season 2 Cast Rumors: Returns On HBO With the Rest Of The Cast

A month ago, when the show 'True Detective' returns on HBO, Colin Farell and Vince Vaughn were confirmed to take the other lead roles in the said show leaving the female main roles hanging.

There have been many reports recently saying that Rachel McAdams is one of the top bet for the place.

True Detective Season 2 Cast Rumors has names like Elisabeth Moss, Jessica Biel, Malin Akerman Keira Knightley, Rosario Dawson, Brit Marling and Rachel McAdams surfaced. But among the actresses that have been mentioned, Rachel has been more on the talks for the main role.

There are reports that Taylor Kitsch is being considered for the third male role. Reports say that Moss with her hectic work in the play won't be having time for the show definitely.

Earlier, Deadline released reports saying that McAdams, who appeared in Guy Ritchie's, "Sherlock" film, will no longer be considered for the role due to scheduling conflicts.

However, "The Notebook" actress, who has been in negotiation with the production team regarding the schedule, has been weighing things as McAdams is also going to start filming "Spotlight".  Sources confirmed that after a 24-hour concession, McAdams agreed to do both "True Detective" and "Spotlight".

Stepping on the second season of "True Detective", Justin Lin, the director of the "Fast and the Furious" is going to direct the first two episodes.  Nic Pizzolatto, the program creator has been so preoccupied in writing the second installment, which is set in California.

McAdams and Kitsch are playing the lead roles as police officers along with Farell. Vaughn plays the bad side as the crime boss who is threatened to lose his empire.

True Detective Season 2 Cast Rumors suggest that Mc Adams as Ani Bezzerides plays as a female cop who has intense dedication to her job, but despite this she acts non-sense outside her work as a gambler and drinker.

McAdams has set a mark for her roles in films including the popular "The Notebook," "Sherlock Holmes movies,"  "Mean Girls," and the newly, "About Time" and "A Most Wanted Man".


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