‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Is Demanding An Apology By Sonny And Then Telling Shawn That It Is Time To Face The Situation

General Hospital

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco Is Demanding An Apology By Sonny And Then Telling Shawn That It Is Time To Face The Situation

There are some tasty spoilers this Oct. 6 that's in store for fans of "General Hospital" series.  Since Jason Morgan is coming back on the show by gaining his mortal consciousness, a lot of anxiety will roam around the fans, by the question if he would be able to regain his identity before John Doe from Robin's (Kimberly McCullogh) miracle formula. Some fans argued that this is not the proper time, but a great opportunity for Liz to take another shot this time hoping that it will fall into the right place.

Meanwhile, a possible romance is happening to Nathan and Maxie but she is reluctant. Tracy wants a moment of privacy with her husband and together with Sam and Patrick, they will set up a trap for Luke. Unexpectedly, both of them will find themselves in different positions, same with Alexis who will come up with Ned and Olivia's date. As we speak of dating, according to spoilers, it will be an awkward moment between Milo and Epiphany while it will work on Lucy and Drew.  Silas is anxious about things regarding Nina and Obrecht will be surprised to see someone.

A big part of the General Hospital spoiler is that, Franco is demanding an apology by Sonny and then telling Shawn that it is time to face the situation. When the situation between Carly and Franco getting frisky is getting worse, it has been caught by himself (Franco) and Nina.

This daytime drama series started way back 1963 and record holder for the longest running drama series in the US by the famous Guinness Book of World Records. It was premiered in ABC television on April 1, 1963 to be exact. Created by Frank and DorrisHursley, GH is set to be on a hospital in Port Charles, New York. The first actors and actresses to be featured in this series are John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin until their deaths in the early mid 90's. Up until now they still continue to catch the hearts of its loyal viewers along.

Catch "General Hospital" from Monday- Friday, 3PM on ABC.



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