Tim Livingston Shares About His Dad, His Calling & His New Album

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Tim Livingston began recording with his first solo project at age 15. And has been raised up in Southern Gospel and Country Gospel Music his entire life. Tim also has been in Radio and TV Broadcasting for more than 35 continuous years. He is the son of the late Gospel Music pioneer the Rev Norman Livingston. And today carries on the Gospel ministry tradition with Solo Singing Ministry, President/GM of Radio Broadcasting and Digital Media Corp,  Gospel concert promotion and most importantly Pastoral ministry.  

Tim's "Here's A Miracle" CD had 4 Radio #1 radio singles in Christian Voice & CashBox including, "Here's A Miracle", "Grow Through This Valley", "He Gave All He Had" and "Over The Next Hill" that also became Tim's first Singing News Top 20 Song.  Tim has had numerous award nominations including being awarded Songwriter of the Year by the ICGMA in 2012 and winner of the 2013 CGM Horizon Male Vocalist of the Year, 2014 Gospel Music FanFair "Male Vocalist of the Year" and 2014 Gospel Music FanFair "Song of the Year" (He Gave All He Had" 2014 ICGMA Crossover Artist of the Year.     

Tim has just released his brand new album "I Just Miss You."  We are so honored to catch up with him for this exclusive Hallels' interview.

Hallels:  Thank you so much for your time.  Being a pastor as well as a recording artist and the President/GM of Radio Broadcasting and Digital Media Corp and Gospel concert promotion, how do find time to balance out your various callings? 

There are times when it's very challenging. However, with the calling of God comes the equipping of God. I'm blessed that as involved as I am in multi-ministry areas that in a special way they can and do work together for a common Kingdom purpose. Whether presenting the Gospel through sermon or song inside the four walls of the church, concert hall or taking it around the World via radio or live streaming. Our methods may change on the "how", but the message remains the same, "Jesus".

Hallels:  Tell us a little about your journey, how did the Lord lead you to become a recording artist?

I was influenced at an early age in music. I sang my first song in church at 6 years old. Played drums in church and with several traveling Gospel artists until I broke into radio broadcasting at age 15.  Recorded my first record at 15 years old. Over the years whether in the recording studio or not I have maintained an active singing ministry in over 150 services/concerts a year. 

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new album "I Just Miss You," what are some of the messages you want your listeners to grasp after hearing this record?

Thank you, wow this record is special to me on so many levels. After a several year lay off from recording I went back in the studio in 2012 and put out a project called Here's A Miracle. God blessed it and validated to me that people enjoyed my style of music. I was blessed to have four #1 songs and a Song of the Year off the "Miracle" project. Then God started to really inspire the songwriter inside of me and gave me over 40 songs to write the last couple of years. So this record is 11 of those songs that I feel humbled that God gave me to write or co-write. I also was blessed to have Les Butler as Producer and had a guest vocal appearance with Joyce Martin Sanders on a duet with me on Without You.

Hallels:  You reference your dad in a few of the songs on the new record, such as "I Just Miss You" and "I Can't Erase the Message," can you tell us a little about your dad?  How did he influence you in your life and ministry?

I was honored to be raised in a Pastors home.  I am the youngest of four children and the only son. My Dad and Mom (Norman & Velma Livingston) were the two most influential people in my life. Dad went home to be with the Lord in 2011 and it was a major adjustment. He was my Father, Pastor, Broadcast mentor and best friend. So the song I Can't Erase The Message is multilayered meaning with my Dad's last few weeks of voice mails that are like gold in my VM archives. Then the song goes to a greater level with the message of the God has left the world at the Cross.  The title track I Just Miss You is a very special song that I believe will speak and minster to everyone that has gone or will go through the season of life change when a loved one leaves. We are in the midst of shooting the music video to that song and will be releasing it very soon as well.

Hallels:  One of my favorite songs right now is the ballad "You're Not the Only One."  It has the ability to speak into the hearts of those of us who are suffering.  Can you tell our readers what inspired you to write this song?

I'm happy to hear you say that. You're Not The Only One is one of my favorites as well. You know everyone will go through times in your life that because of wrong choices or rocky miles on the road of life. It can leave us feeling defeated and discouraged. All of the hero's in the Bible were faced with some disappointing events called "real life".  However it was the grace of God that sustained them and in moments like Elijah where he just got to the point of "enough is enough" and wanted to die. But God had another plan and grace was sufficient. So as the line of the chorus says "prophets and sages down through the ages have stumbled and thought they were done, so if you need grace to start again You're Not The Only One.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to know more about you or purchase your new album "I Just Miss You," where can they go?

They can go to my website at or download at CDBaby or iTunes and all other major music download sites.


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