‘Captain America 3’ Updates: ’Iron Man’ to Appear in Civil War-Themed Movie, 'Captain America vs Iron Man' To Happen?

Iron Man and Captain America
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'Captain America 3' Updates: 'Iron Man' to Appear in Civil War-Themed Movie, 'Captain America vs Iron Man' To Happen? 

The two giant comics-producing companies are set to a film face-off on 2016. DC comics has “Superman vs Batman” movie on the top of their list while Marvel has its Captain America’s third installment. But according to reports “Captain America” will not be fighting alone because another well-known superhuman is set to be appearing with him.

In an exclusive report, Variety said that “Iron Man” will also play an important role in the upcoming “Captain America 3” as Robert Downey Jr. is said to be ‘on the verge’ of closing a contract for the character. Citing reports from sources, the Hollywood actor, who has lead three “Iron Man” films, are currently in final phase of talks with Marvel studios.

Downey Jr. was originally offered a cameo role in the upcoming movie but he wanted a more important role for his Tony Stark character. After Marvel’s head officers settled an inside conflict regarding the actor’s request, the deal continued and is now almost done.

“Captain America 3,” which remains untitled yet, is set for a May 6, 2016 premiere. Downey will be playing opposite, Steve Rogers that will be played by Chris Evans. The two ultra-powerful male leading characters will have contrasting beliefs over the Superhero Registration Act.

Filmoria said that billionaire Stark, Iron Man’s normal name, will be in favor of the law that will require superheroes’ true identities revealed while Captain America will be leading a rebellion against the government.

Because of Iron Man’s key role in the upcoming movie, “Captain America 3” is rumored to have a potential drastic change just like what happened to “Superman vs Batman” movie. The film was originally announced to be DC’s sequel for “Man of Steel” movie but after Batman was included, it became a conflict film about the two superheroes.

The conflict that will occur between “Captain America 3” and “Iron Man” is somehow seen as a possible introduction to “Avengers: Civil Wars” movie franchise. On the other hand, the upcoming film’s ticket sales will be ‘of vital importance’ because 2016 will be a jam-packed year for superhero films.

It can also be remembered that Marvels avoided a box office confrontation against “Batman vs Superman” movie when it moved Captain America’s release date from May 2016 to its new March premiere. Aside from the anticipated DC movie, films like “X-Men Apocalypse,” “Sinister Six,” “Star Wars,” “Mutant Ninja Turtle 2,” “Transformers 5” and a lot more reboots sequel movies are set to be released on the same year.

If “Captain America 3” will have excellent box office collection, Downey Jr. will also have a higher talent fee. Business2Community reported that with signing the contract alone, the actor will be $40 million richer or more if the movie will have better income compared to “Captain America: Winter Soldiers” $714 million sales.

Downey’s bonus pay is said to be bigger than Evans, Captain America himself. It is said to be because movie producers think that Captain America 3’s success will be attributed to the actor as Iron Man is not included in the first two films of the franchise.

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