Karen Peck & New River’s Performance At Tomb of Lazarus Goes Viral

Karen Peck & New River

Southern Gospel family group Karen Peck & New River are experiencing extreme coverage on social media due to the recent response from the group's live performance on a recent trip to the Holy Land.

Recorded at the Tomb of Lazarus, Karen Peck & New River performed its career-making song "Four Days Late", penned by Aaron Wilburn, with permission from the local community in front of a crowd of onlookers and other tourists.

Karen shared, "There are no words to describe the amazing trip to Israel. Every day was life changing. Seeing the Garden Tomb was extremely moving and it reminded us once again that we serve a risen Savior! Also one of the highlights was singing 'Four Days Late' at Lazarus' tomb. After 17 years of singing this song every night in concert, we can honestly say that it has taken on a whole new deeper meaning."

Hear Karen tell of just how she came to record this classic, career changing song. She will also tell how this song has changed her life and what an honor it was to sing it at the Tomb of Lazarus.

The video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views in just four days on Facebook. The video was recorded by Becky Isaacs-Bowman (of The Isaacs), and the crowd response and ministry is apparent at the close of the song.

You can view this impromptu performance by visiting

Pictures courtesy of Trip Honeycutt.

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