HarperCollins Pulls all Ravi Zacharias' Books Out of Publication

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HarperCollins Christian Publisher made a statement, announcing it will pull any and all Ravi Zacharias titles from publication. HarperCollins published and distributed 16 English titles of Zacharias books, including Can Man Live Without God? which was also published in 21 languages. 

Such a move comes after a report that has confirmed that the late evangelist had engaged in a pattern of abuse and misconduct. A law firm hired by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries issued a report last week that concluded Zacharias, who died from cancer in 2020, had demanded sexual favors from massage therapists at a spa he co-owned and collected images - including a number of nude photos and videos - of hundreds of younger women. He also had the contact information for hundreds of massage therapists in his phone and spent extensive time overseas writing and getting massages.

"In September, when the most recent sexual misconduct allegations against the late Ravi Zacharias surfaced, HarperCollins Christian Publishing immediately suspended all projects and shipments of his work.  Following the findings in the independent report, the company will immediately take all his publications out of print.  We are deeply saddened, and we mourn for the victims," says Casey Francis Harrell, the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at HarperCollins. 

Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ interviewed Zacharias roughly 20 years ago for his title The Case for Faith. Strobel included 19 pages of that interview in the book. 

On February 12, Strobel announced on Twitter that "My publisher and I decided to halt printings of the book, and I am working on a revised edition."





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