Zauntee On the Lack of Role Models in Rap Music & His New EP


Singer, producer, and songwriter Zauntee has a heart to reach the youth and young adults in our society. This is why he has released his brand new EP 3:34 (The Warehouse Sessions). The EP contains four newly re-recorded versions of songs taken from his critically acclaimed album 3:34.

The title refers to John 3:34 which says, "For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit." These songs contain uplifting and Gospel-centered messages that Zauntee wants to impart upon the youths and young adults today. Zauntee believes that there is not enough role models out there within rap music to teach young people the truth. He laments, "The rap game really focuses on brainwashing young people who don't have any real role models. Most kids think that the only way to be fulfilled in life is to follow the crowd." 

He hopes that these new songs can help his listeners to focus on God and live for him. Zauntee wants to encourage the younger generations by, "making music people want, with a message that they need." He believes he is the individual to lead people to change."

Zauntee takes his music to another level by sharing his message of belief with listeners of all ages in a way that fuses traditional Christian music with the hard-hitting rhymes and instrumental beats in the rap genre. 

Track list:

1. Die for You (The The Warehouse Sessions) 

2. Glory (The Warehouse Sessions) 

3. Trust (The Warehouse Sessions) 

4. God Taught Me (The Warehouse Sessions) 

Download/stream the new EP here.

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