Sarah Reeves on How She Wrote Her Anthem of Hope "Best Days"

Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeves takes the position of the eternal optimist on her latest single "Best Days," available now. Her soaring range shines across a galloping melody as she stretches herself vocally, all the while carefully harnessing a sonically textured anthem full of lush, stacked vocals.

Confident there's a bright future in store, Reeves asks listeners to consider the possibility that the best is yet to come. While the songwriter doesn't dismiss hardship, she promises a silver lining is right around the corner, posing the question: What if the best days are ahead of us? 

Reeves tells the story behind her song. "When we wrote this song I said, `I want to write a positive, hopeful anthem that the whole world can sing.' But in reality, I was writing this song to myself in the midst of a really hard personal season.

"There have been many days lately where I've wanted to give up. There have been moments where I think my best days are behind me. I'm so thankful to be able to make music for a living for as long as I have (13 years now). But I'm surrounded with negativity and fear as the music industry is changing and the art is getting lost in algorithms. As I've grown, I've become a bit jaded and tired. I needed to infuse my heart with hope and wonder again. I needed to dig deep and find that inner strength that I didn't even know was there.

I hope and pray that as I was encouraging myself, this speaks to your soul and lights a fire under you if you're feeling discouraged or disappointed. It's a simple concept but powerful ---- as long as you've got breath in your lungs, this could be what dreams are made of. So I ask you...What if the best days are ahead of us?!"

To download/stream the song, click HERE.  

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