Here Are Lyrics to Cody Carnes' "Bless God"

Cody Carnes

Three-time GRAMMY®-nominated artist Cody Carnes releases a new song, "Bless God," from his forthcoming album, Firm Foundation, which will release next month on August 25th. The live performance video for "Bless God" is now available. 

Inspired by Psalm 34:1 - I bless God every chance I get. My lungs expand with His praise - this song was co-written by Carnes, Brooke Ligertwood, and Brandon Lake.

"God is worthy of praise in every season," shares Cody Carnes. "Sometimes it's easy when things are going well, and sometimes it's really hard when things aren't going the way you would like, and in those times, like David in the Psalms, I have to command my soul to praise the Lord. I've learned that we're meant to pass through the hard seasons, we're not meant to set up camp there. And praise helps us pass through. This song is meant to help in that passing through, blessing God in every situation."

Blessed are those who run to Him 
Who place their hope and confidence 
In Jesus 
He won't forsake them 

Blessed are those who seek His face 
Who bend their knee and fix their gaze 
On Jesus 
They won't be shaken 
Come on and praise the Lord with me 
Sing if you love His name 
Come on and lift your voice with me 
He's worthy of all our praise 
 Come on and bring your offering 
Sing if you've known His grace 
Come on and lift up your holy hands 
He's worthy of all our praise 
Blessed are those who walk with Him 
Whose hearts are set on pilgrimage with Jesus 
They'll see His glory 
Blessed are those who die to live 
Whose joy it is to give it all for Jesus 
And for Him only 
Oh Jesus 
All for Your glory 
Bless God in the sanctuary 
Bless God in the fields of plenty 
Bless God in the darkest valley 
Every chance I get 
I bless Your name 
Bless God when my hands are empty 
Bless God with a praise that costs me 
Bless God when nobody's watching 
Every chance I get 
I bless Your name 
Bless God when the weapon's forming 
Bless God when the walls are falling 
Bless God 'cause He goes before me 
Every chance I get 
I bless Your name 
Bless God for He holds the vict'ry 
Bless God for He's always with me 
Bless God for He's always worthy 
Every chance I get 
I bless Your name  

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