‘Survivor 2014’ Spoilers: John And Jeremy Returned To The Tribe Right In Time For The Immunity Challenge

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2'

'Survivor 2014' Spoilers: John And Jeremy Returned To The Tribe Right In Time For The Immunity Challenge

Fear and excitement does simultaneously exist with the reality show Survivor 2014. The San Juan Del Sur - Blood versus Water contestants were finally back in Nicaragua. After a long time of setting up new allies and occurred fell of tribes, they all got together fully acquainted with each other in a tropical weather surrounding.

The Coyopa tribe returned from the tribal council explaining why Baylor's name was voted by Josh. Though the first tribal council was in such of hiding the alliance, they fully know that it's going to be safe.

Episode 2 was getting new tribes in a prompt manner for the reward challenge. Fishing equipment at stake, one member was picked to again compete with their loved one on a one-on-one basis. The challenge required them to solve a certain puzzle that involved balancing of a ball on a given platform for the whole challenge. The Coyopa tribe have chosen Josh Rocker to complete the task and go against Julie, his girlfriend. After the challenge, Julie was the one awarded as the winner and her boyfriend Josh was sent to the Exile Island along with Jeremy.

John and Jeremy returned to the tribe right in time for the immunity challenge. The immunity challenge mandatorily arranged a face-off between contestants with a knock-out challenge - contestants must know each other off the platform into the water using a sand bag; the first tribe to win the five rounds of challenge would take home the immunity. Jon Misch and Josh Rocker had faced off in this challenge and the former won, it leaves Josh to be the one exiting the tribe.

With the said face off, Coyopa who is facing the tribal council yet again kept searching for immunity for their longer stay in the island. As they proceed on the voting who will be the one to be exiled, Val was nearly unanimously voted off.


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