Fury Release Date, Reveals, Reviews, Plot and Updates: Ayer’s Description of an American Unit in War Time Provides an Intense WW2 Scenario


Fury Release Date, Reveals, Reviews, Plot and Updates: Ayer's Description of an American Unit in War Time Provides an Intense WW2 Scenario

This will be the second time that Brad Pitt appears in a World War 2 flick since Inglorious Basterds and that was quite convincing so we can expect more of the same chill swagger, as he returns for another tour in this account of an American tank crew in the last month of the war when both sides were desperate to end the conflict. "Done much killing?" Sergeant Don 'Wardaddy' Collins asks the rookie Norman Ellison played by Logan Lerman. 'No', Ellison answers. 'You will', Don returns. From the start, we find that this movie is one of those grisly, intense war pictures that have no qualms about guts and blood lying roadside.

The movie begins with Don killing a German cavalry officer with a knife and cutting his eye out as a souvenir. It seems the writer and director of the movie, David Ayer was simply looking for an outlet through which he could express the tragedies of war. In Inglorious Basterds, Brad effectively won the second world war. There is no way that him a four other battle hardened veterans would now be considered the underdogs when they were on their way to end the war in the first place.

 As such, his solution was to put them in a Sherman tank. Now in those days, the Germans version of the tank far outclassed our Henry Ford constructed piece. To quote Time, it was like the Tin Lizzie vs. the Mercedes Benz Super Sport. Similarly, the Germans were not making things easy on the ground and Norman was learning that the hard way. Wardaddy says the war had to end soon, "But before it ends, a lotta people gotta die." We see a state whose leaders have commanded the citizens to make life a living hell for the invaders. This turns every man woman and child into a sniper of cannon fodder. Ayer is brilliant at executing the brutality needed here and he has a star studded cast to help him along the way including Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal. Fury is slated to release on October 17th, two days from now.


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