JJ Heller


JJ Heller was born Jennifer Judy Kellner on October 19, 1980 in San Jose, California.

The San Jose Christian College graduate started her full-time music career in Phoenix, but moved to Nashville in 2006 to take it to the next step. She and her husband Dave release the music through their own record label.

JJ met Dave Heller through Campus Crusade for Christ in California during college. He was a worship leader for her group. They married after college and are the parents of two daughters, Lucy and Nora.

Notable Quotes:

  • - "I just feel like God is just taking us on this journey, and we just kind of need to sit back and hold everything with an open hand." from a 2013 interview with breathecast.com

  • - "The Lord has carved out a hope-filled, adventurous, sometimes uncomfortable and dangerous, fulfilling life for each of us. He wants us to drink deeply of each opportunity and live without regrets knowing that He is our safety net. And no matter what, we are LOVED." from a 2013 interview with crosswalk.com

  • - " I try to write about what it means to be human, and where God is in the midst of our day to day joy and pain." from a 2012 interview with ungrind.com


  • - JJ has had her songs played on ABC's Make It Or Break It, and CW's One Tree Hill.
  • - Her "big break" came in 2009, five years after her first album released, when a contestant on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance?" used her song, "Your Hands" during her performance. Nearly 7 million people heard the song and before long, it was getting radio airplay all over the country.
  • - JJ played basketball during her freshman year in college but turned to guitar the following summer during a mission trip to Africa.


  • - Loved, 2013
  • - Deeper, 2011
  • - When I’m With You, 2010
  • - Painted Red, 2009
  • - The Pretty and the Plain, 2007
  • - Wake Up The World EP, 2007
  • - Only Love Remains, 2006
  • - Collection of Thoughts EP, 2005
  • - Songs That I Know, 2004

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